BADGES campaign to address traffic concerns in Capitola

Dear Street Smarts, Q: Regarding your recent column about Bay Avenue at Hill Street and Capitola Avenue, I truly do understand the lack of funding problems in order to fix what are two dangerous intersections. There is also the Bay Avenue Sernior Apartment right smack dab in the center of those two problem points. Many of the seniors walk or use a wheelchair, scooter or walker to Nob Hill or to Gayle's and beyond. These intersections are particularly dangerous for them. There has to be some way to improve it, if only by more frequent patrols and ticketing cars that are speeding, run stop signs or edge through intersections while occupied in their hurry to get to where-ever. Bicycle riders are almost equally as dangerous, especially at the Hill and Bay intersection when they barrel down Hill Street and blow the stop sign at the intersections. I've personally been yelled at by bicycle riders for being in the crosswalk and not stopping for them. I've had them shout that they don't have to stop. It's the same when an elderly person with a walker, wheelchair or scooter is in the crosswalk. If traffic lights are not an option, are additional patrols, if only by the community volunteers, possible? I'd hate for a fatality to happen at either of those intersections for something positive to be done. Thank you, Mountain Vending A: Captiola Police is gearing up for its BADGES campaign next month. This area has been added to the campaigns "must address" list. BADGES stands for, "Before Aggressive Driving Gets Everyone Stopped." Each month, law enforcement officers from around the county descend on one jurisdiction to try to boost enforcement in areas known for traffic problems.
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