The tourists are coming, install traffic signals in Capitola, reader says

Dear Street Smarts, Q: The tourist season is about to begin and the traffic nightmare in Capitola will also begin. The two four-way stop sign intersections on Bay Ave in Capitola need to be replaced by traffic signals. The intersections in question are Bay Avenue and Hill Street, at the Nob Hill and Dairy Queen intersection, and at Bay and Capitola avenues, by Gayle's. For those of us who live here, those two intersections are dangerous to drive through and even more dangerous to try to cross as a pedestrian. Why can't we get traffic lights in those two intersections? Rocky Festa, Capitola A: The lack of funding, said Steve Jesberg, the city's public works director. “The intersection of Capitola Avenue and Bay Avenue has been identified for improvements, either a traffic signal or roundabout,” he said, but “no funding has been identified for this project although it remains a priority for the city.” Such a project would cost around $400,000, he said. The Bay and Hill intersection was analyzed as part of the Nob Hill shopping center remodel and was determined “to be at an acceptable level of service, although growth projections do show impact issues in the future,” Jesberg explained. The projections are based on evening peak traffic volumes, when use of the intersections are highest, he continued. “Both of these intersections are currently impacted but only when local schools let out,” said Jesberg. “These impacts are short and clear within acceptable times.” Q: I recall when Caltrans started the Highway 9 construction back in November or December, the Sentinel reported that one-way traffic controls would be in effect until March 15, 2013. I have checked the Caltrans website and the current status is: 'SR 9 [IN THE CENTRAL CALIFORNIA AREA] 1-WAY CONTROLLED TRAFFIC FROM GLEN ARBOR RD TO HOLIDAY LN /IN BEN LOMOND/ (SANTA CRUZ CO) 24 HRS A DAY 7 DAYS A WEEK THRU 7/31/13 - DUE TO CONSTRUCTION - MOTORISTS ARE SUBJECT TO DELAYS OF UP TO 15 MINUTES' July 31? This is a heavy traffic highway, with three schools that back up each and every day due to this slow moving construction. There has been no rain, why the delay? I would appreciate you looking into this delay and why the date has been moved. It seems to have low priority when it effects thousands of residents per day. Thanks for your effort. Pamela Morgan via email A: Scratch that July 31 date, said Susana Cruz of Caltrans. The actual date is March 29. Q: Regarding the pavement just north of Buena Vista exit on Highway 1, Caltrans fixed the piece of road that was so bad! Can you please thank them for me? It's so much better! I guess it pays to speak up. Estalee Weill via email A: Yes, it does. And Caltrans says you are welcome.
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