Western Drive speed limit sign error

Dear Street Smarts, Q: The city recently increased the speed limit on Western Drive between Mission Street and Empire Grade from 25 to 30 mph -- at least for the most part. It's now signed 25 mph going up the hill toward Empire Grade, turning to 30 after the top of the hill. Coming down toward Mission, it starts out 30 mph and stays that way until the signal at the bottom of the hill. So, the limit is 25 going up the hill, and 30 going down, in the same section. Is that what they intended? Can they make different speed limits for the same stretch of road, depending on direction of travel? Thanks, John McNicholas, Santa Cruz A: Whoops! The sign was left there by mistake, said James Burr, the city's transportation manager. He recently toured the area in response to your letter. Expect the sign to be replaced as soon as possible to reflect the new 30 mph speed limit on the rest of the street.
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