Project to replace 100 year old sewer line begins on Ocean Street

A $1.5 million sewer project is to get underway along Ocean Street in Santa Cruz, Monday, Feb. 4 and last through May 14. The multi-faceted project includes Ocean Street, from Blaine Street to Graham Hill Road, as well as Blaine, Price, Felker and part of Hubbard and Washburn streets. Between 7 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. weekdays, weather permitting, Marina-based Monterey Peninsula Engineering will dig up those streets to replace sewer pipes that have been in the ground since 1910 or 1926, said Desiree Douville of the city's public works department. Work will begin with Ocean Street. Work involves “bursting the existing sewer main pipe from manhole to manhole from Blaine Street to Graham Hill Road,” according to a letter send to area residents. The lane closest to the median will be closed to traffic, as that's the location of the sewer line. Parking along Ocean will be temporarily removed to maintain two travel lanes. “Motorists and bicyclists will share the road during construction,” the letter said, as the bike lane and parking area will be converted into a traffic lane. And motorists are encouraged to drive slower and expect delays in the narrow work area on Ocean between Plymouth and Graham Hill Road. What's more, turning at the intersections of the above streets will be restricted at times during construction hours but will remain open nights and weekends. As for work on the side streets, Blaine will see its current 8-inch pipe unearth and replaced with a 12-inch pipe. Meanwhile, on Pryce, Hubbard, Felker and Washburn, crews will replace the old 5 inch pipe with a new 6 inch pipe. In most cases during the side street work, crews also will replace several sewer laterals from the new sewer main pipe to the sidewalk, and install a new sewer clean-out in the sidewalk for those property owners that have opted to participate in this work. Project details are available online at View the project area map at Questions, comments and concerns can be referred to Douville at or 420-5183 or Steve Wolfman at or 420-5428. Did you know... When you buy a vehicle with Clean Air Vehicle decals attached to it, not only must you transfer the vehicle into your name with the DMV but you also must register the decals. Go to and download the Clean Air Vehicle Decal form REG 1000, fill it out and return it to the agency, according to Ask the DMV, a weekly newsletter based on frequently asked questions. There is no charge to apply as long as all the required decals are attached to the car. After your application is processed, the DMV will issue you a new decal identification card with your name on it.
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