Improving traffic flow at Harvey West Business Park

Dear Street Smarts, Q: Will they ever do something about the cars blocking the intersection as they come down by the homeless shelter from Costco? They want to get in the lanes to turn left onto Highway 1 and they many times just block the intersection. These people should go down to the second street and be better able to get into traffic turning left onto Highway 1 going towards Ocean Street. Norma Hadland, via Facebook A: “Many years ago, the (city public works department) and the traffic consultant for the Harvey West Plan originally proposed a cul-de-sac at Coral Street and Highway 9 but one of businesses was opposed,” said Chris Schneiter, assistant director for public works. “They could not turn their large trucks around and needed to be able to exit at Coral.” Schneiter agrees with you that it is “much easier to go up to Fern Street and make a right onto Highway 9,” he noted. “There is less back-up and it’s easier to get into the left-turns for Highway 1. A lot of people do that and hopefully more will in the future once they read your post.” Acting under the Harvey West Plan, the city has moved forward with adding some lanes at the Highway 1 intersection with Highway 9 and another northbound and southbound lane on Highway 9. “That should help a lot with some of the congestion experienced on Highway 9,” said Schneiter. “That project’s environmental review is moving through the Caltrans process and expected to be out for public review in March.” As for placing a traffic signal at Fern, that's a good idea for the long term, he added. “We intend to work with Caltrans once the Highway 1 and 9 improvements are constructed to evaluate the feasibility and operational needs,” he said.
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