Manhole covers’ ‘slap, slap’ sound annoys reader

Dear Street Smarts, Q: I live along Soquel Drive in Aptos, between Cabrillo College and State Park Drive. Last summer, the road was repaved, for which I am very grateful because the road surface was crumbling. However, when the manhole covers were replaced after the paving, it seems as if they were not seated correctly. Every time a car passes over the covers, a loud "slap, slap" sound is made, which is very annoying. Where can I voice my concern and inquire about a possible remedy? It seems like the constant slapping would also pose an ongoing maintenance issue. Before the road was paved, these manhole covers were completely silent. Regards, Tom Murphy, Aptos A: "The manholes were raised as part of the county's recent resurfacing project, said Melissa Henderson, executive secretary of county public works. "The manhole work was done correctly, and typically over time, manhole lids will tighten up when road grit and sand fills the gap between the manhole lid and frame. However, the County will mobilize a work crew to apply a sealant to secure the manhole lids which will take care of the noise problem. Residents can report road issues by calling our road dispatch office at 477-3999." Bike to Work/School Day Thursday The 14th annual Bike to Work/School Day is Thursday, Oct. 4. Since it began, 83,400 participants have bike commuted to work or school as part of the program, orchestrated by Ecology Action. “It’s time to enjoy the beautiful fall weather and ride your bike to work or school,” said Nick Mucha, Ecology Action program specialist. “Fall Bike to Work and School Day continues to provide a fun, safe and inviting event to encourage Santa Cruz residents to ride their bikes to work, to school, to shop, to go out to eat or go to the beach.” Come Thursday, folks cycling to work or school will be treated to free breakfast at 15 sites from Watsonville to Santa Cruz, plus Scotts Valley and Felton. There also will be 44 school sites participating in Bike to School activities. In 2011, more than 7,000 people rode their bikes on Bike to Work/School Day, the largest turnout since Bike Week began in 1987. Bike to Work/School Day receives major funding from the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission, City of Santa Cruz, Monterey Bay Unified Air Pollution Control District, The Bicycle Trip, City of Watsonville, Fox Racing Shox, Odwalla, Whole Foods, Santa Cruz Sentinel, Jamba Juice and UCSC TAPS. Watch the Bike Week PSA at Learn more about Bike to Work/School at
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