Free bike racks through the RTC

Businesses, schools and organizations that would like to install bike parking facilities can contact the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission’s Bikes Secure parking subsidy program about the possibility of getting free bike parking. The program has a limited number of bike parking racks left through December. For information, contact Matt Leal, planning technician at 460-3211 or apply at
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7 Responses to Free bike racks through the RTC

  1. James Anderson Merritt says:

    I hope the Sentinel, which, in the past, has not flinched from publishing such things as public employee salaries, will assign its best investigative talent to follow the money that is at the heart of this story. The public needs to know why SSC could not find its proper financial footing after the “coronary” it had in 2008. At very least, the lessons learned will inform the process that Yeager offered to initiate, to search for a sustainable way to bring some form of live theater back to UCSC.

  2. Stan Freeberg says:

    Since the production company was linked to UCSC, I would imagine that the same culture persists where wasteful spending is normal, including high salaries and even unnecessary positions. If only we could end UCSC and the rest of the UC and CSU system. Dismantle the whole state system and start over.

  3. BobJohnson7777 says:

    Generally speaking, great artistic talents are not the best business managers. Doing a bit of math based on # of performances, seating capacity, and ticket prices, I estimate the ticket revenue for the summer productions to be about $500K. With the data above, that shows them having expenses of $1.25M/year. Obviously, the ticket prices either need to increase or they need to be a bit more frugal with what they spend money on. They had their chance to do that the last few years, but apparently blew it.

  4. Chrisaros says:

    I love SSC, and am very sad about this news, but there is no reason why public domain plays, delivered on a miinimally-dressed wooden stage, should cost anywhere near this much money. There are starving theater companies everywhere who do it for next to nothing.

  5. Emme Hall says:

    I worked in the costume shop at SSC most summers since 2005, where we regularly
    turned sow’s ears into silk purses. We called in every favor we were
    owed, we begged, borrowed, but stopped short at stealing to save money
    in the costume shop. Re-using zippers and piecing together fabric was
    the norm. We often couldn’t afford to buy supplies, leaving us to
    figure out ways to McGyver something up with what we had. Many theatres
    are able to build every costume from scratch. At SSC we were lucky if
    we could build two pieces. Everything else was pulled, borrowed, or
    bought at thrift stores. And lest you think the show is finished merely
    by a weekend shopping trip, everything had to be altered to fit the
    actor. I can’t tell you how many times we had to make a 44R jacket into a 42S
    because we didn’t have the money to buy a new one.

    I hate to break it you, Chrisaros, but SSC was a starving theatre
    company. (I should know. My job during the year regularly spends as
    much as my yearly salary on the costumes for one show.) Yet we still
    managed to bring high quality productions to the people of Santa Cruz.

    None of us, and I mean none of us from the actors to the technicians to the
    designers to the back stage crew were getting paid what our skills are
    worth. We were not in it for the money. We were in it for the unique
    experience that was Shakespeare Santa Cruz.

  6. Chrisaros says:

    Thank you for the perspective. In retrospect, I would have phrased it differently. But from an outsider (who, admittedly, knows very little on these matters), it just seems that something about this situation isn’t adding up.

  7. Tom Ellison says:

    In the SC Sentinel letters to the editor Karen Warren gave a link to a website (pdf) where she said that Yeager was paid extra salary to oversee the elimination of SSC. That my be true but the document she referenced make no mention of SSC. I’d like more information. Anyone?

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