You don’t need a car to get to San Francisco

Dear Street Smarts, Q: Hi Ramona, love your column. You always seem to provide such helpful information, so I'm hoping you can help me! I'm wondering if there is any public transportation to get to San Francisco. There used to be a Greyhound station downtown, but that's long gone. I think there is a rail system over the hill. Is there a metro bus that connects with that? Thank you for any info. Madeleine Macy, Soquel A: Yes, you can take Metro's Highway 17 bus over the hill to Diridon Station in San Jose, then hop on Caltrain to San Francisco. It's a nice ride. For schedule and fare information, check out Metro's Hwy 17 bus and for Caltrain. Q: I tried to find your article that mentioned a readers concern about speeding on Mission Street. I believe your response was that the only solution was to raise the speed limit so police could enforce a more appropriate 30 mph speed limit. You were inaccurate. There is something the police can do to reduce the speeding that is rampant on Mission. They can enforce the 25 mph school zone limits in the mornings and afternoons when children are coming and going to school. School zones are still enforceable regardless of any speed survey. If you have ever spent anytime around Bay and Mission streets in the mornings, you will see the dire need for traffic control. I have known two people who have been killed on this stretch of roadway, and neither the CHP nor the SCPD are willing to do anything about the high speed traffic on Mission even when children are standing on the side of the road making their way to school. Thank you for your time. Matthew S. via email A: Mission Street is the jurisdiction of the Santa Cruz Police Department and its officers do enforce speed in the two school zones along Mission, said Deputy Chief Steve Clark. The problem is, speed “can only be enforced during school months, and times,” he said. The department issued a staff report to the city council and Transportation Public Works Commission saying that while officers “enforce during school days and times, it does us no good during non school days or times,” Clark continued. “The ability to conduct enforcement in only one small area of Mission Street may be effective for that limited area, but it does not significantly benefit the rest of the road.” However, it is important to note that “speed was not a factor in any of the fatality collisions in recent years on Mission St, but rather other unsafe driving or bicycling practices,” Clark added. In the meantime, the department has and will conduct speed enforcement in the school zones.
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