Highway 1/9 intersection improvements coming down the pike

Dear Street Smarts, Q: An easy solution to a major backup northbound Highway 9 at Highway 1 can be improved by eliminating the left turn at Fern St. Paul Krug, via email A: “While closing Fern to left-turns would help congestion on Highway 9, it would not help access to the Harvey West Area,” said Chris Schneiter, assistant director of the city's public works department. “The city is pursuing improvements at the Highway 1/9 intersection and one component includes widening Highway 9 to two northbound lanes, which will help with the back up at that location.” Schneiter is working on a report to present to the city's Transportation and Public Works Commission in a couple weeks. Stay tuned. Q: I found your blog a few weeks back, and now I’m a regular reader. I’m writing to share an article, “8 Safety Tips for Aging Drivers,” recently published at Autoinsurancequotes.org that I think you and your readers might enjoy. Here’s the link: http://www.autoinsurancequotes.org/2012/09/8-safety-tips-for-aging-drivers/. Thanks again for the great content! Madoline Hatter, via email A: Thanks so much, Madoline! The article advises seniors to:
  • Not drive at night;
  • Have their vision checked;
  • Stay up on the latest rules of the road;
  • Obey traffic laws;
  • Drive with confidence;
  • Buy sunglasses;
  • Perhaps buy a rear view back-up camera; and
  • Know when to hang up the keys.
Child Passenger Safety Week is coming Is your child properly restrained in his or her safety or booster seat, or seat belt? Nationwide, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for children ages 1-13, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. To help parents and caregivers ensure the young people in their live are properly restrained, the week of Sept. 16-22 has been designated Child Passenger Safety Week. Sept. 22 is National Seat Check Saturday. While services are offered locally year-round for free to help parents make sure their little one is safely secured inside the family vehicle, this is when experts and safety advocates are trying to get the word out about child passenger safety. Parents can locate local resources at http://www.nhtsa.gov/cps/cpsfitting/index.cfm. Meanwhile, the administration will chat live on Twitter at 11 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 19 at @NHTSAgov. Safety experts will be on hand to answer questions about car seats and travel safety. Follow the hashtag #TheRightSeat to join the chat.
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