CHP asks for public’s help to crack down on out-of-state plates

It may be fun to play the out-of-state-plate game while on long road trips in the Golden State. But some of those vehicles and their owners may actually reside here in California and are costing the state millions of dollars in revenue. Hence, the California Highway Patrol is asking Californians to report vehicles they suspect are dodging state law that requires new residents to register their vehicles within 20 days of moving here. The top three excuses new residents report as reasons they failed to register their vehicle are:
  • They were unaware of the state's registration laws;
  • They were trying to avoid paying the state registration fees and taxes; and/or
  • They were unable to comply with the state's pollution control laws.
If your neighbor, coworker or some other person you see regularly has not registered their out-of-state vehicle in California, log onto and report them. Learn how to register out-of-state vehicles at Meanwhile, any California resident pondering buying a a vehicle from someone in another state should read this:
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2 Responses to CHP asks for public’s help to crack down on out-of-state plates

  1. Joseph McGough says:

    This might be the douchiest thing the miserably, miserable state of California has ever done.

  2. If the reg fees in CA weren’t so ridiculously high, compliance might not be such an issue.

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