RTC hosts public hearing for proposed road repair, safe routes to school ballot measure

The Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission will hold a public hearing 9:30 a.m Thursday, Aug. 2 to gather public input on a proposal to ask voters to help repair local roads and create safe routes to school. The commission want to put an initiative on the November ballot that asks voters to approve a $10 vehicle registration fee, the proceeds of which would pay for things such as pothole repairs and road maintenance, safe pedestrian and bicycle routes to schools, as well as accessible pedestrian facilities for seniors and people with disabilities. The public hearing will be in the County Board of Supervisor’s Chamber on the 5th floor of 701 Ocean Street in downtown Santa Cruz. Read the entire ballot measure text at http://sccrtc.org/funding-planning/local-funds-local-roads/. For information or to submit comments, call 460-3200 or email info@sccrtc.org.
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One Response to RTC hosts public hearing for proposed road repair, safe routes to school ballot measure

  1. Anonymous says:

    The $10 DMV fee this is based on SB 83 (2009) which allows counties to ask for this. However, it is stipulated right off that at least 20% collected is NOT used for maintaining roads: at LEAST 15% must be used for “other” projects, with at MOST 5% used for administration. There is no sunset clause, fees can increase in the future, and there is NO OVERSIGHT that 95% of fees collected would NOT be used to fix roads. This is a misleading and devious initiative. The RTC receives ample funding from State, Federal, and parcel taxes to maintain our roads, but they are diverted to other venues.

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