Cell phone crash blog topic belongs in the paper, reader says

Dear Street Smarts, Q: In regard to the blog, “Crash survivor seeks freedom from pain, nightmares, drivers yakking on cell phones,” I think this is a very important subject and this letter or an article on cell phone talking while driving should be in the paper and not just in the blog section. Colleen Sands via the Street Smarts Blog A: You got it, Colleen. This appears in the July 16 edition and is repeating on the blog for those who missed it. Dear Street Smarts readers, on July 3, the blog featured an email from Terri Ryan, a hairdresser who was on her way home when she was struck from behind two years ago in Live Oak by a woman talking on her cell phone. The woman had a small child with her when she caused the wreck, wrote Ryan, who was waiting to make a left turn at an intersection when she was suddenly, violently jolted forward. Emergency responders estimated the other driver was traveling 40 mph at the time of impact. Ryan remembers being covered in blood, not knowing what her face had hit. Her car's seatbelt and airbag saved her life, which has been very different since then: “Damn those memories. They have turned into my nightmares. “My car was totaled. So was my neck. I got a new car. My totaled car was my favorite. It was paid for. I now have a payment for three more years, higher insurance and higher registration. “As for my neck, I still have way too much pain. I have had X-rays; MRIs; massage; acupuncture; lots of ice; injections in my neck, back and shoulders to relieve the spasms; an epidural; physical therapy two times a week for almost two years; daily exercises at home and much loss of sleep due to pain. “I now wear a brace at night. It seems to help a little but everyday is a little different. It is always better if I do nothing. However, I have numbness in my hands almost every night and day, especially when I work. “I am a hairdresser and the position my head is in daily causes my hands to go numb. My upper arms itch due to nerve damage. My clients must be tired of seeing me trying to shake out the numbness. “What makes me the most frustrated is that I see people everyday talking on the damn phone while driving. I still see her talking on the phone while she drives, too. I wonder how many lives have changed — like mine — because that call couldn’t wait. Was it really that important? If you knew you would change someone’s life, would you still make that call and take the risk? God forbid YOU kill someone. “Think about it. “Please. PLEASE. “I think about her every day. Does she remember me? Does she think about me everyday? That is all I really want to know.” Read Ryan's full letter by searching the blog for “Terri Ryan.”
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  1. John K says:

    Good article!u00a0I just hope that SOME that are likely to offend will read this.u00a0 Everyone thinks that they are special, and the ones that need to read stuff like this, I don’t think DO read. They yakk!

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