Wrong way cyclists endanger themselves, other cyclists, reader says

Dear Street Smarts, Q: About your article of May 28: I would be more emphatic about the wrong way cyclists. In addition to drivers pulling out in front of wrong-way cyclists – we call them salmon, going against the flow -- they endanger law-abiding cyclists by filling the curb and/or bike lane with potential head-on results. And on rural, narrow and/or limited sight-line roads, they will be hit head-on by cars who so frequently cut the inside corner of right-hand turns. Leonard Moore, Aptos cyclist and driver A: So very true. And don't forget, in the urban setting, you have California stops -- people who barely slow down before making right turns at stop signs and on red lights. To be moving toward that driver at cycling speeds, the thought makes me shudder. Thank you for your email. Here's a YouTube video showing a close call between a wrong way cyclist, a law-abiding cyclist and an automobile. Watch this YouTube video closely. A driver nearly hits a wrong way cyclist head-on at night. Besides riding in the wrong direction in the middle of the traffic lane, the rider has neither a bike light nor reflective gear or garments. He's also riding without a helmet. Hwy 1 Soquel/Morrissey auxiliary lane update The Santa Cruz Regional Transportation Commission will hold community meeting Wednesday, May 30 to provide an update on the Highway 1 auxiliary lanes project. The event includes an open house, which lasts from 6:30-8:30 p.m., and a presentation from 7-8 p.m. It will be held in the DeLaveaga Elementary School Multipurpose Room, at 1145 Morrissey Boulevard. Topics will include the La Fonda Avenue overcrossing demolition and reconstruction, traffic control and safety measures, minimizing traffic in school areas and the project schedule. Information about the project is online at http://sccrtc.org/projects/streets-highways/highway-1-aux-lanes/. Questions can be submitted to info@sccrtc.org.    
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