What to do when you see a flagger in a construction zone

You're approaching a construction zone and a person in orange with a yellow vest is holding a sign that reads, "Stop" on one side and "Slow" on the other. What do you do? Are you legally required to obey the command being pointed in your direction or are your actions from then on a mere courtesy? According to Ask George, the DMV's weekly transportation column, drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists must always follow directions from road and maintenance workers, including the obeying the sign being pointed at you. California Vehicle Code section 21370 "was created to ensure the safety of our state’s road workers, as well as the safety of drivers who are operating their vehicles around heavy construction equipment," Ask George reported. "It is very important that you drive safely when around construction zones." Learn more about this and other road rules online at www.dmv.ca.gov.
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