The 511 on travel times on highway message signs

Dear readers, Every now and then, I receive a letter from readers seeking to have local highway message signs broadcast travel times to key destinations, such as Los Gatos along Highway 17. That's something that could come about if a proposed 511 highway information program becomes operational, according to the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission. "The reason that the Changeable Message Sign’s in the San Francisco Bay Area can provide travel times to a few destinations is because of their 511 traveler information system and speed detection equipment on their highways," said Ginger Dykaar, an RTC staffer working on the 511 feasibility analysis. "If Santa Cruz County had a 511 traveler information system using speed detection equipment, we could provide this information, as well." The RTC is working with the Transportation Agency for Monterey County to analyze the feasibility of implementing a 511 system for the region, said Karena Pushnik, RTC spokesperson. "A number of different models have been analyzed including partnering with the Bay Area Metropolitan Transportation Commission," she said. "The RTC will be receiving a recommendation in early 2013."
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