Please inform us of the road closures AMGEN is going to cause, reader says

Dear Street Smarts, Q: Sunday's Sentinel carried ads for the AMGEN event in which you will play a vital part!  That role is to keep the public informed about plans to close roads and restrict access! This year several major roads will be shut down and the public greatly inconvenienced. I will not carry on about what a BIG MESS I think it will be, but public agencies need to inform the public. Your job will be to get accurate information and publish it. Thanks, Bill Delany, Capitola A: Race day is going to be interesting, indeed. On Monday, May 14, AMGEN Tour of California racers will make their way from San Francisco to Aptos, 117.1 miles. The route will take them down Highway 1 to Bonny Doon and Empire Grade Road to Jamison Creek Road, Highway 9, Bear Creek Road, Summit Road, Old San Jose Road, Soquel Drive and end at Cabrillo College, where a health and wellness fair will be taking place. The cyclists are expected to arrive just before 4 p.m. More information about the race is online at See also
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  1. Geoff says:

    As a once serious bicycle rider, we ventured into Santa Cruz to observe the event on Mission St. Was very disappointed with the lack of consideration Amgen gave to the general public.nWith such an abundance of good communication, they did such a poor job.u00a0 Roads were closed for hours for the few minutes of the event and remained that way until the last ridersnpassed through. We plan on usingu00a0 Hwy 9 in Boulder Creek that Monday as we have for the past five years.u00a0 Other routes would be expensive as well as a major delay.u00a0 Can we bill the Amagen Tour for our losses ?

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