RTC applies for grant to improve pedestrian access countywide

The staff at the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission are working hard to meet the deadline for a Caltrans Environmental Justice grant. Earlier this month, the commission accepted the Elderly and Disabled Transportation Advisory Committee Pedestrian Work Group's Safe Paths of Travel report, found at http://sccrtc.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/2012-03-01-rtc-meeting-Safe-Paths.pdf, as well as gave the green light for staff to seek funding to do things such as develop a brochure aimed at outreach and assess the feasibility of creating a countywide ordinance that requires homeowners to repair sidewalks at the time of sale. This isn't the first time the agency has reached out to Caltrans for grant funding for this type of pedestrian project, which benefits the able-bodied, as well as those with mobility impairments. In 2009, the RTC secured an $85,000 grant that created a team of volunteers with “various physical abilities to assess pedestrian facilities near activity centers frequented by transportation disadvantaged seniors and people with disabilities with the goal of assisting local jurisdictions identify/implement priority pedestrian improvements to encourage greater transit use, and ensure safe and accessible pedestrian travel throughout the county for the benefit of all residents." This year's Environmental Justice grant application is due April 2.
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