Sight distance no longer an issue at Hwy 9 intersection

Dear Street Smarts, Q: If anyone can help with this, I know it is you. A few months ago San Lorenzo Avenue in Felton was repaved. When they repainted the 'stop' line at the intersection with Highway 9, they moved it several feet back from the old location. It is now partway up San Lorenzo Avenue instead of directly at the intersection with Highway 9 where is has been for many years and where the street actually ends. Stopping at the new line makes it very difficult to see oncoming northbound traffic on Highway 9. You have to 'creep' up to Highway 9 to see what is coming. This has always been a tricky spot because northbound traffic is coming up around a corner and the area is dark because of the trees. The cars seem to suddenly appear out of the darkness. In addition, when the double yellow line was painted on San Lorenzo, the line at several public streets was not broken. At the lower end of San Lorenzo these streets are Lincoln, Grant and Garfield Ways. Is there some way that these lines can be properly located or broken. This will make it much easier and safer to enter Highway 9 and eliminate crossing the double line? Thanks, Anita Lande, Felton A: You got it. "Thank you, thank you!," Lande told Street Smarts Monday. "You succeeded again. They restriped the stop line and we can now see oncoming traffic in both directions clearly. You are a gem." The folks at public works are the real gem. I've forwarded your comments to the powers that be. Meanwhile, I forwarded your question to the California Highway Patrol for advice on handling intersections in which sight distance is an issue. Here's officer Sarah Jackson, Aptos office spokesperson: "My advice for turning onto narrow roads with double yellow lines and limited sight distance is this: Roll your window down, turn off your radio, and listen for a bit," she said. "Do not attempt to make a left turn. Make a right turn when you do not see or hear any traffic approaching and continue until there is a safe place to turn around -- usually a turn out or large driveway on the left is best -- and go the direction you intended."
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