Fix coming to Ocean St. Ext. at Felker

Dear Street Smarts, Q: Please take a look at the road surface at the intersection of Felker Street and Ocean Street Extension. Approaching Denny's from Graham Hill Road, is a nasty piece of roadway that has been that way for years. There's no way to avoid the large pot hole and/or depression. The only way to avoid it is to drive on the wrong side of the road. Something's wrong here and after all the years we have been waiting, something needs to be done. Please help! Glenn Que, Santa Cruz A: "We did some street short-term repairs at the intersection a couple of years ago with the completion of the San Lorenzo Bike-Pedestrian Bridge, with the understanding that more paving would follow with a programmed sewer project," said Chris Schneiter, assistant director of the city's public works department. "We have a sanitary sewer reconstruction project that includes this location that's anticipated to start in the fall. We will do the paving at that time. I will check if there is some short term patching that should be done now.” Stay tuned for news regarding the sewer project's impact on traffic. Making sidewalks work for everyone When the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission's Elderly & Disabled Transportation Advisory Committee meets Tuesday, it will talk about its draft “Safe Paths of Travel Pedestrian Report.” The report seeks to help local jurisdictions address the county's sidewalk needs. “The public tends to focus on congestion as the primary transportation problem,” the report stated. But this approach doesn't necessarily address the transportation needs of people who don't drive, namely seniors and people with disabilities, the report said, while noting that one in three seniors have no money left after “meeting essential expenses.” That “leaves these populations in a disadvantaged position to advocate for improvements and funding for projects other than increases in road capacity,” the report continued. “Seniors and people with disabilities are unable to exercise the fullest range of mobility options available if they can’t use pedestrian facilities due to issues such as: gaps in the network, absence of curb cuts, rough or uneven pavement and barriers in the sidewalk network (street lights, newsstands, etc.).” Read the entire report at Meanwhile, the group also will discuss pedestrian improvements on Calabasas Road in South County, proposed new wheelchair restraints on Metropolitan Transit District buses, a bus stop improvement update, complete streets and the Regional Transportation Plan Sustainability Framework. Download the agenda packet at The meeting, which is open to the public, begins at 1:30 p.m. in the transportation commission's conference room, at 1523 Pacific Ave. in downtown Santa Cruz. For information, call the commission at (831) 460-3200.  
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