Organ donor information available online

Has the pink organ donor sticker fallen off your driver's license. Don't fret, your wishes may still be honored, according to Ask George, the DMV's weekly transportation column that seeks to answer frequently asked questions. "As of 2006, the DMV implemented a new system for organ donation," according to the column. "In the past, when the sticker fell off there was no system to check if the owner was a registered donor, leaving grieving families with a very difficult decision." Since 2006, the organ donor registration has been sent to Donate Life California, the DMV's partner organ donor registry. Meanwhile the sticker is now located under the laminate of newer driver's licenses and IDs To check to see you you are still listed as an organ donor, visit and click “Sign Me Up Now.” Input your license or ID number so the next time you're up for a new license or ID, it will come with the laminated sticker. Learn more about the program at Click “Organ and Tissue Donor Registry.”
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