Readers sound off about signal lights at Soquel Dr. and Dover/Mattison

On Monday, Street Smarts printed a letter from a reader seeking change at the intersection of Soquel Drive at Dover Drive and Mattison Lane. There are two traffic signals in close proximity there and drivers get confused about which one they should be obeying. That leads to some close calls the reader said. County public works said they were unaware of issues there and needed more information before making any changes. Below, other Street Smarts readers seek to help out in that regard. Read on: Dear Street Smarts,
  • I'm writing in regard to the article posted on 1/23/12 regarding the lights in front of the Silver Spur. I live off Dover Drive, a cross street of Soquel, and stop at that same light every morning. Often, when my left hand signal turns green, somebody on Soquel sees my green light and partially runs the first red light then stops in the middle of the intersection. Sometimes people don't realize their first light is red and drive all the way through. I have nearly been hit several times. Public works mentioned this is the first they have heard of this issue. I witness confused drivers several times a month. Public works also mentioned the size of the car makes the difference when viewing the light. This does not sit well. I do not want to be hit by a cement truck or a Porsche. Thank you for addressing this issue, Chris Hanson
  • I live off Dover Drive, and have often seen drivers jump the light at Dover when I get a green light to turn left from Dover onto Soquel Drive – particularly scary on my bike, but at least I can stop quickly. It's clear that the drivers stopped on Soquel are responding to the green light at Mattison and haven't noticed that the light right above them is still red. My husband has seen this happen numerous times as well. He's also seen people jump the light at Mattison coming from the other direction, which makes them even harder to see turning from Dover Drive, though happens much less frequently. Thanks for attending to this problem, Michelle Y. Merrill
  • Just because only one person registered a complaint does not mean only one driver has been confused by the two signals at Mattison and Soquel. I have come close to going through at the wrong time more than once. I don't go there often enough to be familiar with it. Perhaps a sign could forewarn drivers in some way. Judy Belden
  • '"Your request will have to wait because after nearly four years of operation, yours in the first complaint he has received regarding this issue," he said.' I strongly doubt that. I complained to Santa Cruz PD about this. On three occasions, I have seen vehicles stopped on Soquel start to go while cars on Dover start to make their left onto Soquel. One SUV completely ran his red light probably because he was confused by the second green. Lance Vera
  • I just read your column about the street lights on Soquel Drive and Dover and Mattison. I, too, see 'double’ when I am driving up to and through those signals. I just called Jack Sohriakoff to let him know that your reader who wrote the original letter was not the only person this happens to. Hopefully, others will contact him as well to let him know and, hopefully, the county will do something about it. Liz Reid
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