New Year’s Resolutions to take on the road

The first week of 2012 is just about over. Have you nailed down your New Year's Resolution(s) yet? If you have room for at least one more, the California Office of Traffic Safety has some resolution suggestions for you. In regard to DUI prevention, I resolve to:
  • Not ask anyone who has been drinking, "Are you okay to drive?," because I know they aren't;
  • Not drive when I've been drinking;
  • Call 911when I see someone who appears to be driving drunk;
  • Be the designated sober driver for the people I care about whenever they ask;
  • Stay sober when I'm the designated driver;
  • Support the sober driver in my group;
  • Not drive buzzed;
  • Give my kids a safe ride home -- no questions asked;
  • Never give alcohol to minors;
  • Not allow my friends or family drive buzzed or drunk.
As for cell phone and mobile devices safety, I resolve to:
  • Not text or talk on my cell phone while driving;
  • Not call or text friends or family when I think they may be driving;
  • Turn off my phone when I'm driving to avoid the potential distraction;
  • Set a good example for my kids and not text or talk while driving;
  • Remember that whenever I'm tempted to use a cell phone while driving, it's just not worth it.
For seat belt safety, I resolve to:
  • Make sure everyone in my vehicle is buckled up for every trip -- day or night, long or short;
  • Have my child safety seats inspected by a certified professional.
In regard to safe driving in general, I resolve to:
  • Follow all traffic laws, such as those for speed, red light and safe turns;
  • Be courteous;
  • Share the road with motorists, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians alike.
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