Road markings guide motorists from Clares Street onto northbound 41st Avenue

Dear Street Smarts, Q: If I am leaving the mall on Clares Street going toward the freeway on 41st Avenue, what lane should I be in? There are three lanes turning on to three lanes. Aren't we suppose to go into the same lane? Left into left, middle to middle, etc. The last two times I went through the intersection, I was in the middle lane and the person in the left honked their horn at me and then passed me get in the middle lane. Thanks, Gina Weeks, via Facebook A: Sounds like you were following the rules of the road while the other drivers where not paying attention. There are markings in the road to help drivers figure out which lane they should land in after they make that turn from Clares onto 41st. The first lane, in the middle of the five lane road, guides drivers into the lane closest to the center divide on 41st Ave. The middle lanes ends in the middle lane and the third lane, the one closest to the mall property, has a dual function. Drivers can make the left turn and arrive in the far left lane closest to the sidewalk or continue straight on Clares toward Wharf Road. Be careful out there.
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