Motorcycle safety enters the 21st century

What do you think about airbags for motorcycles? Efforts are underway to improve motorcycle safety by installing airbags in bikes, as well as in rider jackets. Here's more on the subject from ABC: Meanwhile, last week, Street Smarts asked readers if they thought California's mandatory helmet law should be curbed, reworked or remain the same. Here's what some people posted on the Sentinel website:
  • Johnnyattheharbor Lowlife: "Dumbest law in the world and they tried unsuccessfully to pass a helmet law in Hawaii several years ago but it failed partly because the scooter rental industry campaigned against it -- losing money. Who wants to wear a helmet in paradise? Hell, in Nevada ya don't need one on a scooter but ya do on a motorcycle. DUH!! some of those scooters can go 60 mph, doesn't make any sense to this guy. Whats next? Helmets when you're driving the Corvette with the top down? The old saying is 'Let those that ride, decide' and that makes sense to me."
  • Lestat DeLioncourt: "$11 million annually isn't enough incentive? I ride a motorcycle and I would never even think of going without a helmet. I feel pretty exposed when I don't wear my full face helmet. I like my face. We have seatbelt laws, helmet laws don't seem that much different."
  • Ray Matteis: "I agree, but if you don't have a helmet, the state or feds DO NOT pay for ANY hospital cost. End of story. They cannot always save your life, but they can help save your brain. And yes, I ride! Over 300K highway miles, and 40 years."
  • Bruce Brownstein: "Let those who ride decide. I am from Pennsylvani where there were helmet laws and the law was repealed years ago. Most states do not allow a motorcycle to travel between cars while at a red light or in traffic like here in California. When I moved to California in '89, I wore a helmet on the freeway, but sometimes not on the street. I say repeal the law, but make it a law that you must wear a helmet on freeway or on roads with a higher than 50 mph limit. Also perhaps make it a law that you must wear on twisty roads like Highway 9, or Empire Grade. Also, make it a law that you cannot travel between cars in traffic or at a light. That is way more dangerous than cruising a clear straight rode at low mile per hour."
  • Devin Beiden: "Cool. Let's put helmets on everyone. No brain damage but plenty of paralysis, which also costs money. At least if your brain gets mashed in, you usually die and that costs less than keeping someone in an iron lung for 30 years -- instead of on disability and a burden to the state. What the hell happened to freedom?"
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