Reader weighs in on motorcycle helmet law

Dear Street Smarts, I feel that a helmet is a personal decision -- and no I do not ride. BUT I feel that if a rider does not wear a helmet that they are then and there taking on full responsibility if they are in an accident. They are giving up the right to sue anyone else involved in an accident they are involved in if it results in a brain injury. I think this should also be the case for people who do not use seat belts. They are also giving up their family's right to sue if they are killed. They should also be aware that if they decide to ride without a helmet, I as a taxpayer am not paying for their medical care. It was their choice to make this decision, not mine. And Medi-Cal should be for emergencies for the less fortunate, not because you chose to ride without. I feel that if the law is ever repealed in California, that when a motorcycle license is issued, the licensee must sign a waiver freeing others from their personal choice. Jessica Victorino, Santa Cruz
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