Recalls announced for Honda/Yamaha motorcyles, Pontiac cars

Several vehicles, passenger car and motorcycle alike, are being recalled this week because of issues that could pose a danger to drivers and their passengers. Here's a short list from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:
  1. Company: General Motors Vehicle: Model year 2008-09 Pontiac G8 vehicles manufactured from Nov. 2, 2007 through Jan. 22, 2009. Number of units affected: 38,444. The problem: In a 30 mph frontal barrier test with the front passenger seat positioned fully forward, the seat sensor may cause a 30 millisecond delay in airbag deployment. This delay could cause increased head injury to certain front seat occupants. The remedy: GM will reprogram the sensing and diagnostic module for free. Contact: Pontiac at (800) 620-7668.
  2. Company: Yamaha Vehicle: Model Year 2009-12 XVS95/CT – V STAR 950/V STAR 950 Tourer -- motorcycles manufactured from October 2008 through August 2011 and model year 2007 XVS1300/CT – V STAR 1300/V STAR Tourer -- motorcycles manufactured from August 2006 to March 2007. Number of units affected: 2,800. The problem: There may not be a proper seal between the fuel pipes for the fuel injectors and fuel hose that connects them because of an improperly molded fuel hose. Over time, this can cause a fuel leak and thus a fire. The remedy: Yamaha will replace the fuel delivery pipe for free. This safety recall is to begin around Nov. 11. Contact: Yamaha at (800) 962-7926.
  3. Company: Yamaha Vehicle: Model year 2012 XTZ12B/BC -- Super Tenere -- motorcycles made from June 1, 2011 through Aug. 21, 2011. Number of units affected: 1,069. The problem: The fuel pump O-ring may have been incorrectly installed, causing improper sealing, a resulting fuel leak and thus posing a fire hazard. The remedy: Yamaha will replace the O-ring free of charge. This safety recall is to begin around Nov. 11. Contact: Yamaha at (800) 962-7926.
  4. Company: Honda Vehicle: Model year 2012 NT700V motorcycles made from Nov. 26, 2009 to Nov. 27, 2009. Number of units affected: 120. The problem: Incorrect information on tire label may impact handling and lead to premature tire failure, increasing the risk of a crash. The remedy: Honda will correct the information on the tire label, as well as installation instructions for free. The safety recall number is S02 and the recall itself is to begin around Nov. 11. Contact: Honda at (866) 784-1870.
For information, vehicle owners who question whether theri ride is part of a recall can also contact NHTSA's vehicle safety hotline at (888) 327-4236 or visit
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