Bike Traffic School offered this Wednesday

A sure sign winter is coming is that the days are getting shorter. This presents challenges to cyclists, who must display proper lighting and reflective gear when they hit the road after dark to make sure they are visible to those around them. This will be among the many road rules discussed at this week's Bike Traffic School. The two-hour class, which lasts from 6-8 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 2, is open both to cyclists who've been cited for traffic infractions, as well as curious members of the public. So far this fiscal year, “there have been an average of 11 participants per class,” said Sarah Harmon of the Community Traffic Coalition, which offers the monthly $35 course. “Since we began promoting it to the general public in May, more than one in five attendees have been members of the public.” Feed back from participants has been positive, with students saying the following:
  • “This is a great program—more people should know about it.”
  • “Excellent opp(ortunity). A large fine would punish (cyclists) for what they don't know.”
  • “Great class for learning proper ways to ride in traffic.”
  • “A much more understanding and responsible approach to discipline.”
Pre-registration for Bike Traffic School is required. To register or for more information, including future course dates, call 454-7551 or visit
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