Pedestrians prohibited from walking on freeway unless dealing with a break down

Did you know that it is illegal for pedestrians to walk on the freeway? The exception to that rule is if they were passengers of a vehicle that broke down on the highway. Only then may people walk on the side of the road toward the nearest exit to get help. This topic came up during my recent ride along with the CHP. We were responding to a call reporting a person walking on Highway 1 in Aptos. We didn't see anyone on the freeway, but saw an apparent homeless woman on the top of the northbound on-ramp at Freedom Boulevard. Officer Sarah Jackson told the woman to get off the ramp and not walk on the freeway. The woman obliged. Moments later, we drove southbound on Highway 1 south of Freedom when we saw the woman, again. This time she was walking along the highway's southbound shoulder. Jackson pulled over, got out of the car and directed the woman back up the ramp to Freedom Boulevard and into the presence of waiting officers. The woman was detained and arrested for disobeying a lawful order. Donning blue protective gloves, Jackson then searched her pockets and patted down outside her clothing for weapons and drugs. At times, the woman struggled to break away and yelled at passing motorists for help, claiming police brutality. Two of the other four officers on the scene had to hold the woman still so Jackson could finish her search. When complete, the woman was seated in the back of a patrol car and taken to jail.
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