Salinas Road to open soon to Highway 1 traffic

Come Thursday, Sept. 1, drivers onĀ  Highway 1 will be able to access Salinas Road. Earlier this month, Caltrans closed Salinas Road to traffic from both directions of the highway as part of the $30 million safety improvement project going on at the intersection. During the closure, motorists seeking to access Salinas Road were detoured onto State Route 129, which hooked up to Salinas Road east of Highway 1. When it reopens, drivers traveling both directions of Highway 1 will have access to Salinas Road. Similarly, motorists on Salinas Road can make left or right turns onto Highway 1. The Salinas Road Interchange Project aims to make it easier and safer for motorists on southbound Highway 1 to get to Salinas Road, as well as those Salinas Road drivers seeking to access southbound Highway 1. Between 2001 and 2005, 83 collisions -- three fatal -- occurred at that intersection. Crashes occur there when motorists, who are trying to access or leave Salinas Road, are struck by oncoming traffic on Highway 1. When the project wraps up in the fall of 2012, there will be:
  • A new interchange that will extend Salinas Road over Highway 1;
  • New on-and off-ramps;
  • A frontage road between Salinas and Jensen roads to allow safe entry and exit points on Highway 1;
  • A private frontage road to improve access to area businesses;
  • Upgrades to public transit, park & ride, bicycle and pedestrian facilities.
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