Hwy 1’s Soquel/Morrissey auxiliary lanes project could break ground February 2012, RTC says

Dear Street Smarts, Q: Is the Soquel Avenue to Morrissey Boulevard Auxiliary Lanes Project on hold or is it going to go forward? Do you know where one would find updates on the status and schedule? Thanks, Joe Bacon, Live Oak A: A little over a week ago, "the California Transportation Commission released funding for the Morrissey/Soquel Auxiliary Lanes project, a one-mile extension from the Highway 1/17 Interchange Merge Lanes project to Soquel Drive," said Karena Pushnik, Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission spokesperson.  "The project will add auxiliary lanes – lanes that connect an on ramp with the next off ramp – and reconstruct the La Fonda Street overcrossing." Bicycle and pedestrian improvements also are on tap for La Fonda Avenue, Morrissey Boulevard and Rooney Street, she added. This fall, the bidding process will begin and construction is to start as early as February 2012. To minimize impact to schools, neighborhoods and businesses in the area, bridge replacement will begin as soon as school lets out for the summer2012, Pushnik said. The Morrissey/Soquel project on Highway 1 is not subject to the issues highlighted in an Aug. 19 article about troubled plans to install high occupancy vehicle lanes along the highway. Learn more about the project online: Q: Can you offer information on proper procedure when there is a lane closure notice? My friend says it's correct to get in the lane that is staying open and wait in line in one lane, leaving the other lane empty. I've been assuming it's right to go ahead up to the cars waiting in the lane that will close, so that there are two lanes of cars waiting, and proceed in 'zipper' fashion. Thanks for your great column! Sally Hess via email A: When one lane is being diverted into another during a road construction project or to accommodate some other obstruction, such as utility work or some emergency action, it's time efficient to get into the open lane as soon as you realize something is going on up ahead. "It would benefit the flow of traffic if you would merge safely into the other lane immediately," said Lt. John Hohmann of Scotts Valley Police. Continuing on in the diverted lane, only to cut into traffic in the open lane would save only a few seconds or a couple minutes at most, he added. Salinas Road project update Starting today, Aug. 22, motorists traveling northbound on Highway 1 will not have access to Salinas Road. That means Salinas Road is off limits to both directions of Highway 1. Last, week construction crews cordoned off southbound Highway 1 access to Salinas Road, which is used by people trying to access Salinas and points beyond. The closure comes as part of a $30 million safety improvement project at that intersection. During the detour, both directions of Highway 1 will be routed onto State Route 129, which they can use to access Salinas Road further east of Highway 1. Ample signage will be posted alerting motorists to the detour, which is expected to last up to two weeks. Tonight, Highway 1 motorists also can expect traffic controls between Trafton Road and Moss Landing. Delays of up to 15 minutes should be anticipated. Keep abreast of the project online at http://www.dot.ca.gov/dist05/projects/salinas_rd/index.htm.  
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    I too an “Over 50” driving class. The CHP officer teaching it addressedn this very problem. His advice is to take the lane that is being ndiverted to the point of merging. That is the law. To do otherwise nwould back up traffic needlessly and may even cause gridlock. It also nseems to be common sense in order to flow traffic as much as possible.

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