Aptos potholes to be patched, county says

Dear Street Smarts, Q: I am writing you out of concern for the deteriorating road conditions on Soquel Drive in Aptos, between Cabrillo College and State Park Drive. Lately, I have noticed that there seems to be several chunks of asphalt missing from the road surface at the entrance to my street, Casa De Vida Drive. It appears as if the conditions here have gotten worse over the last few months. Can you tell me if there are any plans to repair this road, which seems to be heavily traveled by commuters and college students? I have noticed that some patching of the road has taken place over the last few months. Can you tell me if that patch work will continue? I would appreciate some more information on this situation. Regards, Tom Murphy, Aptos A: Your potholes will be filled, said Jack Sohriakoff, senior civil engineer for the county's public works department. While a service request has been made to patch the craters, further road repairs, such as paving, is not in Soquel Drive's near future, he added.  
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