Renewing your registration online just got easier

Have you ever misplaced your vehicle registration form, making it impossible to register your car or boat online because the DMV's website required a renewal identification number? Well, that's a thing of the past, according to Ask George, the agency's weekly transportation information column. The DMV has revamped it's website to allow motorists to register their vehicle from the comfort of home or work. All that's needed is the vehicle's information, confirmation of records and to choose your payment method. You will receive instant confirmation of your transaction. However, if you've received your registration renewal notice and see that the ID number is still printed, there's good reason, Ask George reported. For security purposes, you will need to use that ID number should you decide to register using self service terminals at certain DMV offices or try to renew by phone via the agency's interactive voice response system. For more information about this and other DMV services offered online, visit  
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