Pedestrian habits in Capitola need to be studied, reader says

Dear Street Smarts, Q: I read the item (last Monday)about the surveys to be done Aug. 22 - Sept. 26. I hope Capitola Village is one of the 21 locations. We had a bizarre pedestrian death here July 5 and the city management needs to get some input on pedestrian issues. If Capitola Village is not to be surveyed perhaps the (Community Traffic Safety) Coalition could arrange with the city to do such a survey next year. It is needed on a busy visitor day. By Aug. 22, visitor trips to the village may be on the decline and a survey then may be inadequate to highlight the problems. Back in the 60s and maybe into the 70s, Washington, D.C. had a unique way for pedestrians to cross at some major intersections. Signals were set to red in all vehicle directions and pedestrians crossed every which way in the intersections. I am reminded of that procedure when I pass through Capitola Village. Traffic signals would help, too. Pedestrian crossings there are uncontrolled and random -- sometimes occurring in waves. Thanks for your columns, Bill Delaney, Capitola A: The Capitola Village is on the Community Traffic Safety Coalition's list of places to view the ways pedestrians interact with everyone else on the road, said Sarah Harmon, county public health educator who serves as the group's coordinator. h or against the traffic light. Volunteers will monitor Stockton Avenue and the Esplanade, she said. They'll make note of whether it was safe for the pedestrian to cross and whether vehicles in the area stopped or continued through the crosswalk while the pedestrian was in the road. Harmon invited Mr. Delaney to participate in the survey. Learn more about the Community Traffic Coalition, as well as receive traffic safety news and updates on Facebook at HIGHWAY 1/SALINAS ROAD UPDATE Today is the day Salinas Road will become off limits to motorists traveling south on Highway 1. Caltrans is roping off Salinas Road as it begins building frontage roads along the side of the highway. This is part of a larger $30 million effort to improve traffic safety at an intersection that was the site of more than 80 traffic collisions and three traffic deaths in the four years between 2001 and 2005. Northbound traffic will be able to access Salinas Road through next week, when Salinas Road will be closed to all traffic from Highway 1. The detours will reroute Salinas Road users onto State Route 129. The detour for southbound traffic is to last about a week while the northbound detour will be in place for up to two weeks. Detours signs will be posted and the duration of the Salinas Road closure is subject to change depending on how construction progresses. When the dust clears in the fall of 2012, there will be a three-lane structure accessing Salinas Road over Highway 1 with three diamond-style ramps and one southbound looping on-ramp. Motorists will be able to use a frontage road along Hilltop Road to go fromĀ  Jensen Road to Salinas Road west of Highway 1 and access southbound on-ramps.
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