Salinas Road will soon be off-limits to all Hwy 1 traffic

Later this month, Salinas Road will be closed to vehicles traveling both north and southbound on Highway 1, according to Caltrans. That intersection is undergoing a $30 million overhaul in the name of safety. In response to 83 collisions and three traffic deaths there between 2001 and 2005, as well as to reduce congestion in the area, Caltrans is eliminating the left turn functions from southbound Highway 1 onto Salinas Road and from Salinas Road onto southbound Highway 1 by building on and off ramps and frontage roads that create easy access to the highway. Starting August 15, Salinas Road will be closed to southbound Highway 1 traffic but remain open to northbound drivers. Highway 1 traffic will be detoured onto State Route 129 to access Salinas Road. About one week later, northbound Highway 1 traffic will lose access to Salinas Road, as well. That means motorists on northbound Highway 1 who had hoped to turn right onto Salinas Road will have to use the State Route 129 detour to hook up to Salinas Road. Ample signs will be posted guiding motorists through the detour, which is to last about a couple weeks, said Susana Cruz, Caltrans spokesperson. The Salinas Road Interchange Project itself is to wrap up in the fall of 2012.
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