An out of state visitor seeks help in taking care of traffic ticket

Dear Street Smarts, Q: My step-son was visiting from Atlanta several weeks ago and was observed by the traffic camera not stopping and going through the red light. He was driving my wife's car. The notice violation and picture showed it was him driving. My wife and I certified that it was not one of us. He stands to pay a $500 plus fine. As I understand the procedures, he can appear in court and contest the ticket, but he's in Atlanta. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks. We really enjoy your column. Al Aramburu via email A: Traffic Sgt. Matt Eller of the Capitola Police Department encourages you to call department at 475-4242 and explain the situation. Make sure to provide police staff with the citation number. That information will be forwarded to Eller, who will help resolve the issue, he said.
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