Mt. Hermon road drainage issue solved, county says

Dear Street Smarts, Q: For months now, there has been a steady stream of water rushing on rainy days, and running even when it's been dry, off the hillside and across Mt. Hermon Road heading toward Felton, just short of Conference Drive. Even with little to no rain, it keeps coming. It looks as if there is a plugged culvert or ditch. This is a new phenomenon this spring and is not only annoying to splash through it but it is dangerous for those who don't expect it enough to slow down. Some people veer into oncoming traffic to avoid the water, others speed through it and douse the car behind them. Who is in charge of opening the culvert or pipe that is meant to alleviate this situation? I hope to see it handled soon as I drive this stretch of road every day. Plus, more folks than usual are taking Mt. Hermon to avoid the construction on Graham Hill Road. Thank you for checking on this. CJ Parke via email A: I forwarded your question to Jack Sohriakoff, senior civil engineer for the county public works department. Work has been done to keep the road dry, he said. "Our crews cleared brush and cleaned the gutter in this area on Friday, June 3," he said. This should alleviate the problem of water running in the travel lanes."  
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