Pothole at 17th and Brommer has got to go, reader says

Dear Street Smarts, Q: There is a fairly large pothole on 17th Avenue, right next to Brommer Street. I often come west on Brommer and turn south onto 17th. It is very hard to turn that corner and avoid that hole at the same time. If I turn far enough that my front wheels miss it, then most often, my back wheel catches it. I didn't know what city number to call and am turning to you to bring it to the correct person's attention so maybe it could be filled in. LeAnn Meyer, Live Oak A: Done. I forwarded your question to Steve Wiesner, assistant director of county public works transportation division. To report road hazards and potholes in the county's unincorporated areas, call public works' dispatch office at (831) 477-3999, he said. When asked how his department prioritizes pothole repairs, Wiesner said patch jobs are based on how many vehicles travel the road in question. Usually, arterials and collector streets get top priority, he said, with rural and local urban roads ranking second string. “Potholes usually take anywhere from one day to one month to repair after a report is filed,” he said.
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