Is there a better slogan than “Share the Road”?

Dear Street Smarts, Q: I just wanted to say that I hate "Share the Road." This is a road sign that has confused drivers for too long. People seem to think it is a nice suggestion to share. It is not. It is a sign that states a fact. Bikes share the road. It does not mean that cars should share the road. It does not mean that cyclists should share the road. It is a simple fact that bikes will be on the road. Can't we just have a sign that say that -- BIKES IN ROAD WAY? Cheers, Erica Murphy, A Santa Cruz Cyclist A: "In my opinion, 'Bikes in Roadway' is just as unnecessary as 'Share the Road,'" said Cheryl Schmitt, bike coordinator for the for the city of Santa Cruz. "My preference is 'Bikes May Use Full Lane.' I think it gives much more explicit information about expected behavior."
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  1. Anonymous says:

    The common interpretation of the sign seems to be that is is a reminder for all to be courteous. Motorists can easily assume the sign is intended for bicyclists and vice versa, with no real impact. nnHowever, it was recently brought to my attention that he 2010 CA Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices says that Share the Road signage should be used “[i]n situations where there is a need to warn drivers to watch for other slower forms of transportation traveling along the highway, such as bicycles,u00a0[etc].” and also “[i]n situations where there is a need to warn motorists to watch for bicyclists traveling along the highway.”nnI agree with Cheryl. “Bikes may use full lane” is much more educational, both for motorists and cyclists.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Bikes may use full lane”u00a0 is more definitive, but it has its flaws.u00a0 Inexperienced cyclists may think that they can use full lane all the time, whereas this is NOT correct.u00a0 They can use full lane only under certain circumstances.u00a0 This is seen almost daily when clueless cyclists ride side by side in the full curb lane on Mission Street.u00a0 They are NOT allowed to do that and causes dangerous conditions for themselves and others.u00a0 They can use full lane there to avoid obstruction or it becomes too narrow to proceed in the non-existent bike lane or if they can keep up with traffic flow.u00a0 Anyone who still tries to ride Mission street is putting their life at stake.nn”May use full lane” alerts motorists that this possibility may happen and cyclists have this right–but ONLY under certain circumstances.

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