Slowing down saves gas, reader says

Dear Street Smarts, Q: Your column a while back about saving gas by slowing down to 60 mph convinced me to do just that. I stay in the slow lane and try not to go over 62 mph. To be honest, it is a real exercise in patience. I just filled up after doing this for a full tank and my fuel use went from my normal 24.8 mpg in my 2010 Ford Escape to 27.4 mpg. This worked out to a savings of over $8 for just under 400 miles. I found that by setting my cruise control while in light traffic at 62 mph, I was able to save gas and move very smoothly. Imagine if just one tenth of the drivers in the US were to apply this style to their driving habits, 60 million gallons of gas per month could be saved. Guess what would happen to gas prices then? Thanks for the tips. Regards, Paul Fuelling via email A: Thank you for sharing the results of your gas-saving experiment. Are you listening Santa Cruz County? If anyone else has used restraint on their gas pedal and has seen positive results in the amount of green in their wallet, tell Street Smarts. I'll share your story, as well. Likewise, if you're looking at ever increasing prices at the pump and have changed your commute practices all together, I want to hear from you, too.
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