The anatomy of posting a speed limit

Dear Street Smarts, Q: I am just curious. Do you get a lot of complaints regarding the illogical speed limit of 25 mph on Capitola Road in front of the Capitola DMV? I recently was issued a ticket here and honestly do not understand why the speed limit is not 35 mph as it is on 41st Avenue. Can you provide any insight? Thank you! Liz Ross via email A: Yours is the first compliant I've fielded, Liz. Here's the skinny: There are many factors that go into determining safe speed limits for the city's streets, said Sgt. Matt Eller, traffic sergeant for the Capitola Police Department. These include surveying pedestrian traffic, vehicle speed through the area, the number of collisions that occur there and general safety concerns of the area, he said. The radar survey of vehicle traffic is taken every 7-10 years, he noted.
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