There’s good reason to stop at red lights

Several times a year, Street Smarts fields questions and/or complaints from readers shocked at the dollar amount listed on the ticket they received for rolling through a red light. Recently, a reader wrote in saying she received a ticket for nearly $500 for failing to halt before the limit line along 41st Avenue in Capitola. Street Smarts reminds those readers that the high fine is there for two reasons – to get people to think about their actions while behind the wheel and to act as a deterrent for a repeat offense. After all, if the red light runner had actually hit a pedestrian, cyclist or crossing vehicles, the cost of property repairs and medical bills would reach into the thousands of dollars. All this, assuming the person struck survived the collision. But don't take my word for it. Check out this video posted by the Traffic Safety Coalition, a non-profit, grassroots organization that aims improve road safety for all who use them, thus saving lives. The group is made up of concerned citizens, traffic safety experts, law enforcement, public officials, victim's advocates, health care professionals and industry leaders nationwide. Learn more about the coalition at
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One Response to There’s good reason to stop at red lights

  1. Sctola says:

    This is so annoying as a driver in santa cruz. For one, the pedestrians in this town forget to look both ways before they cross! People get tickets for crossing the crosswalk on a green light! And the bicyclists never stop at red lights. I think people need a refresher course on safety and laws. Us drivers share the road and so should the non-drivers.

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