What happened to the handicapped parking at Seacliff State Beach?, reader asks

Dear Street Smarts, Q: I read with interest the many informative handicap parking Q & A's. Seacliff State Beach has eliminated the three or four handicapped spaces that were on the right side of the entrance under the eucalyptus trees. Some upgrades to the parking site were made months ago and the handicap designation was not renewed. Also, the old parking area on the right is now designated a campground. I parked my car in a single space – not an RV space -- handicapped spot and the campground host chased me out. Is it within the law to refuse a handicapped space because I am a non-camper? I would very much like to know since handicap parking is at a minimum at Seacliff. After paying $125 for a yearly pass, I would appreciate finding a spot to park. Gerry O'Hara, Aptos A: Sounds like you were parked in the right spot, according to Keven Best, the State Park Peace Officer Supervisor who oversees New Brighton, Seacliff, and Rio Del Mar state beaches. “The area under the eucalyptus trees your reader is referring to was completely rebuilt to comply with federal laws pertaining to Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines,” he said. “The signage has yet to be installed in this area; however, it will soon be returned back to exclusive ADA status with no net loss of available handicapped stalls. Also, there has been no change to the number of ADA parking stalls in the day use area further down coast near the cement ship.” Seacliff State Beach is undergoing two large construction projects, Best explained. Both have temporarily impacted regular and handicapped parking in the day use area. “The first project is a county sewer transmission line that is being replaced and the second is a project required by the federal government to bring us into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act,” he said. While the campground is for registered campers only – not day use regular or handicapped day users, more than 50 percent of the campsites are ADA compliant, he added. Best encouraged anyone with questions on this topic to contact him directly at (831) 685-6440 or kbest@parks.ca.gov.
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