Firefighters no longer need a commercial license to drive fire engines and truck

The process to become a firefighter who can drive the company vehicles has gotten easier. In January, Assembly Bill 1648 allows firefighters to drive fire trucks and engines with any class driver license, excluding a motorcycle only license, as long as they have a firefighter endorsement. This, according to the DMV's weekly "Ask George" transportation column. Previously, California law -- vehicle code section 15250.6 -- requires anyone who operates firefighting equipment to have "a valid driver license for the appropriate class of vehicle operated, or a valid firefighter restricted driver license for the appropriate class of vehicle. Firefighters who drive Class A or B vehicles, such as a fire engine, must obtain a commercial license." To drive fire apparati, AB 1648 requires drivers to be employed by a fire agency, complete firefighter training and testing requirements, and submit to the DMV a medical report signed by a doctor. Read more about this new law Learn how to get a firefighter endorsement at     Publications tab, under Vehicle Industry Handbooks select Employer Testing Handbook, then select Chapter 7 Firefighters License.
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