City issued 13 disabled parking violation citations since late February

Dear Street Smarts, Q: I see that you and I started something that should  have been paid attention to a long time ago. I would like to know how many  tickets have been issued in the city for disabled space abuse in the last 30  days?? Thanks for keeping up with it. J.J. Kaye, Santa Cruz A: Yes, we did. And there's more to come. Meanwhile, city parking officers have “issued 13 citations for parking in a disabled space with out a placard or DP plate since February 22, 2011,” said Marlin Granlund, parking program manager.
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One Response to City issued 13 disabled parking violation citations since late February

  1. ed h says:

    The City and County could raise some additional income by not letting those with disabled placards park free on the wharf, harbor, etc. Where does is say those with placards cannot afford to pay for their own parking?nI am sure most of these folks could pay their share of the parking fees. On other hand, using placards at parking meters for free parking makes sense. It is hard to feed the meters by some and to also return to see if more money is needed.nnBy the way, automatically, issuing the placards each year is not a good idea. One should prove they still need the card.nnFinally, a friends father died and he gook his Dad’s placard to DMV to turn in and they gave him a form so long to fill out, he just walked out. It would be so simple for a DMV clerk to take the placard back, have the returnee sign a form.nEH

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