Helmet color can increase motorcycle safety

As you may have read, I spent four days during the first two weeks of March in a motorcycle riding safety course taught through Cabrillo Extension. In that class, I and the other 15 students learned to ride, as well as safety rules and suggestions on the road. That included learning about helmets. Sure, you're supposed to buy a helmet that has the DOT stamp of approval on the back, but what color helmet do you think is safest? White. White is safest because it makes drivers who see you wearing it think you are a motorcycle cop and thus slow down and keep their eyes peeled for you. Since most motorists who collide with riders claim to not have seen the biker before their hit, being seen is a big deal. For those few moments before the drivers realized you are not a police officer, they saw you, followed your every move and cared about your presence. And that makes a big difference on the road.
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