The ‘street smarts’ of riding a motorcycle begins before you mount up

Flashy shoes aim to catch the attention of others on the road. Being seen is a good way to avoid possible collisions with other road users, even on this closed course.

Ramona dons her protective gear for her motorcycle safety class. She's wearing a helmet, long sleeved jacket, long and sturdy jeans and high tops  that protect her ankles.
Motorcycle Safety Program instructor and Santa Cruz Police Lt. Colleen Sepulveda makes sure the bikes are ready to go before a recent class. Here, she's inflating checking and inflating the tires on one bike.
If you have been following the Street Smarts blog this week, you'll know that Ramona enrolled herself into a motorcycle safety course taught through Cabrillo Extension. Posted today are some pictures and a video depicting the importance of safety before any rider hits the road. That means making sure the rider is wearing the proper safety attire, including helmet, long sleeves, long and sturdy pants, boots or high tops and leather gloves with the fingers in. It also means makign sure the bike itself is ready to ride. Riders are taught to check the basics before hitting the road. Those items include the tires and wheels, clutch and brakes, as well as oil and fluids. Not doing so could mean the difference between getting from point A to point B or leaving your bike on the side of the road.
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