SCPD rounding up volunteers to help prioritize traffic complaints

Dear Street Smarts, Q: A few weeks ago you had a column on how bicycle riders are riding safer and abiding by the rules more than ever. Well, I disagree with this survey. I've done my own survey in the last year and during that time, I only counted three riders out of hundreds who have stopped at stop signs. The worst intersection is Goss Avenue and Market Street. I have made my legal left turn from Branciforte onto Goss and, numerous times, riders have come down that hill, ignoring the four-way stop signs, and flying through the intersection. There have been many near misses. One of your readers on the Feb. 14 column had commented on how they glared at him when they were in the wrong. I notice I get yelled at every time they break the law. Also, when making right turns after a stop, I've noticed that when a rider is behind me and I'm making my turn, they don't stop and yell at me for almost hitting them. So much for those 'Share the Road' signs. I really wish the police department would sit in the field at Goss and Market like they use to and nab these riders. Maybe after reading this, the cyclists will decide to stop. And so the feud between automobiles and bicycle riders continue. One last thing. How in the world can we stop speeders on Branciforte? Turning people in doesn't do a thing. Maybe if they can just be present once a month. I'm off my soap box now. Trina DiNapoli, Santa Cruz A: Santa Cruz Police Deputy Chief Steve Clark has forwarded your complaint to the traffic enforcement team and instruct them to get out there as time allows. In the meantime, the department is seeking volunteers who will handle the initial phases of responding to traffic complaints, he said. “In the event we get traffic complaints, such as this one, our volunteer will go out first and verify the scale of the issue to help us prioritize the enforcement time available to the officers,” said Clark. “Violator’s license plate number’s will be taken by the volunteer and we will follow up by sending a warning letter to the registered owner. Additionally, based on the volunteer’s observations, we will appropriately prioritize the area for enforcement by a traffic officer.” Anyone interested in being a SCPD volunteer for this and other areas of the department can apply online at and click on the CityServe link for a complete list of tasks that need to be performed. Applicants will have to undergo a background check, as well as fingerprinting. If the area of the police department the volunteer signs up for requires driving, a valid California Driver License with a good driving record will be necessary.
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  1. While it is certainly wrong for bicyclists to be running stop signs, it is also wrong for motorists to be turning right when there is another vehicle to their right. They are supposed to merge into the right hand lane, yielding to traffic already in that lane, before turning right. Many motorists pass bicyclists at high speed, then turn right in front of them, rather than merging behind the bicycles as required by law.n

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