Bicycles should be lit from the rear, too, reader says

On Monday, Street Smarts published rules of the road in regard to bicycles being lit while  riding at night. Below is an email from reader Barry Marshall, who thinks bikes should be required to be lit from the rear. Read on: "Wow, what a subject here in Santa Cruz. I think for a meager $10, all bikes at night should be required to have a rear blinking light. If they are on a roadway and are required to follow other road rules why not the biggest safety feather of all -- LIGHTS! I myself have almost hit bikers dressed in all black, with hoods with no lights at all. If tickets for safety were ever needed this is the place. Instead of cops hiding along the roads, how about stopping some of these kids. Last night, I saw an older man coming along on the street and he had a light. "Good," I thought and wanted to thank him for having a light. Then, I turned to watch him go by, no light on the back. He was invisible. Can't people see it would be more important to have one on the back?"
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