Hwy 9 restriping planned next week, weather permitting

Dear Street Smarts, Q: I drive Highway 9 from Boulder Creek to Felton everyday at 6 a.m. and since they have repaved, the lanes are not marked. They did have those little 'post it note' lane markers but most of them are gone now and it is very difficult to tell where the lanes are. Do you know when they plan to stripe it? When it's raining, it is next to impossible to tell where the lanes are. This morning, I was almost hit by someone who couldn't tell where his lane ended and mine began. I realize these things take time, but now most of the little post it markers are gone and it's really dangerous when it's dark. Thank you, Nanci Judd, Boulder Creek A: On Monday and Tuesday of this week, Caltrans went out and painted the layout for where the striping will go, said Susana Cruz, spokeswoman for the state transportation agency.  "They plan to do the actual striping next week, but that is weather dependent," she said. "We are trying to keep the temporary delineation maintained." Caltrans would like to get the work done this week since there is a 30-percent chance of rain next week, she said. They are in talks with the contractor as to whether that can happen. Stay tuned as to when the work will actually take place.
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  1. Nanci Judd says:

    Still no striping. It was VERY hard to drive through there in the dark, in the rain, this weekend. This is an accident waiting to happen!

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