AAA offers Halloween safety tips to revelers

This is Halloween weekend and AAA of Northern California is encouraging revelers to play safe. Whether you'll be gathering sweets, driving to a party or in need of a ride home from a ghoulish gathering, the organization has tips for you. Halloween is a dangerous time for youngsters, as children are four times more likely to be struck by a motor vehicle that day than any other day of the year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. And the most dangerous time for kids age 5-14 to be out that day is between 4-10 p.m., reported the Centers of Disease control and Prevention. Last year, Halloween night vehicle-related traffic fatalities on Halloween night jumped 16-percent to 110 deaths compared to the rest of the year when an average of 92 traffic deaths occur daily. What's more, the traffic safety administration reported Halloween night fatalities increase when the holiday falls on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Parents, if you are taking your goblin or witch trick-or-treating, the organization suggest you:
  • Go with your children door-to-door, showing them the proper way to cross the street.
  • Walk toward traffic if there are no sidewalks.
  • Trick-or-treating families should wear light-colored clothing or costumes with retro-reflective material to increase their visibility to drivers.
  • Face paint, rather than masks, makes it easier for costumed youngsters to see.
  • Carry flashlights to increase your group's visibility but do not flash the light in drivers' eyes.
  • Go trick-or-treating in family-friendly neighborhoods and only knock on the doors of homes that are well-lit.
If you are driving to a Halloween night destination, slow down and keep an eye out for excited children darting around porches, yards and other areas adjacent to the road. And if you discover that you've had too much to drink, you may call upon AAA's Tipsy Tow service, which offers a free ride for you and your vehicle from 6 p.m. Oct. 31 to 6 a.m. Nov. 1., up to five miles from your pick-up site. Call (800) 222-4357 (or AAA-HELP) to arrange a ride home. For more Halloween safety tips, visit
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